The Access Platform

The Access Platform is a peer recruitment tool that enables universities to connect their Student Ambassadors with prospective students wherever they are in the world.

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peer recruitment

TAP for student-to-student chats

Chat enables prospective students to speak to Student Ambassadors, either real-time - or asynchronously if participants are in different time-zones.

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student-authored FAQs

TAP for student-authored FAQs

FAQ enables you to request answers to common enquiry topics from your Student Ambassadors, manage and edit submissions, and publish them directly to your website.

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user-generated content

TAP for user-generated content

Content enables you to request images and videos from your Student Ambassadors, manage posts, and publish them in real-time to your website and social channels.

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TAP into peer recruitment

prospective students

Browse a searchable feed of Student Ambassador profiles, FAQs, and user-generated content. Start chats with current students from their home country or studying the course they are interested in.

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Chat to prospects and create content and answers via our intuitive app. Earn points, keep up-to-date with a Student Ambassador news feed, and download a career reference for their work.

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University staff

Powerful and easy-to-use admin dashboard, full access to chat transcripts, simple website, social media, and CRM integration, supported set-up, comprehensive help centre resources, and dedicated customer success support.

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We’ll give you an authentic connection to prospective students across the globe.

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