Case study: The University of Adelaide



Over the past few months we've seen our Australian partners achieve great success by harnessing the power of peer recruitment via our platform - including the University of Adelaide.

In this video case study, Adelaide's Customer Experience Manager Dan Powell talked to us about why they chose TAP, what benefits they've seen from it, and why peer recruitment and peer-to-peer conversations are so important to their recruitment strategy.








See Adelaide's TAP Page


“TAP has certainly got a unique value proposition and an opportunity to connect up students over a digital medium and really open up conversations that might be difficult to replicate with staff in your institution."

Dan Powell, Customer Experience Manager at the University of Adelaide

In these challenging times, we can help



canva-image-1While restrictions on events and travel remain in place, we want to help as many educational institutions as possible to protect their next enrolments by ensuring they can build the necessary knowledge and trust with prospective students to give them confidence in their higher education decisions at this uncertain time.



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