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Case study: the University of Sunderland

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When you decide to buy a new product or service, you usually want to get started as quickly as possible. That’s certainly true for our partners - particularly in the current climate, where the coronavirus pandemic has made online communication channels even more important than ever.


After deciding to embrace the power of peer recruitment - in particular harnessing it online - the University of Sunderland decided to partner with us and, naturally, wanted to move quickly. Thanks to the flexibility, enthusiasm, and passion of the Sunderland team, and the simple process for setting up our platform, they were able to do just that, with their TAP Page going live in just 10 working days. They then followed this fast implementation with a highly successful virtual open day.

At-a-glance results

Fast set up

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From choosing to partner with us, Sunderland’s staff and Ambassadors were trained and their TAP Page set up and launched in just 10 working days.

Fantastic Ambassadors


A team of more than 20 Ambassadors were trained on the platform just four working days after Sunderland decided to partner with us. On launch, Sunderland’s TAP Page was already populated with amazing content and FAQs from their Ambassadors.

A successful virtual open day


A few days later, their virtual open day saw 1723 messages exchanged across 135 conversations, with 91 prospective students signing up via TAP.

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“We found the team at TAP great to work with from day one, they weren’t pushy after our online demo and when we requested a face-to-face demo with the wider team they were happy to come to campus to show us their product, taking the time to work out what was needed. In the end, we decided we’d like to implement the product within 10 days, the TAP team were on hand to guide us through it and were great at training our students and arranging other follow up workshops with us. The team are highly skilled but more importantly just great to work with, finding solutions to barriers and making us feel like we are their number one client.”

Emma Cottle, Digital Content Manager, the University of Sunderland

The Challenge



The University of Sunderland knew they wanted to harness the power of peer recruitment and make it a key part of their student recruitment strategy. They also quickly realised how beneficial it would be to do as much of that work as possible online - particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic.



After seeing first an online, and then in-person, demo of The Access Platform, Sunderland decided to partner with us. They also realised they wanted to move quickly and set up their page as soon as possible - particularly with so much of the world on lockdown.



Sunderland wanted to use TAP across their recruitment cycle and across all of their teams, which meant coordinating representatives from their undergraduate, postgraduate, domestic, and international recruitment teams, as well as colleagues from widening participation. Not only that, Sunderland’s team of more than 20 Student Ambassadors also needed training on TAP before they could go live.



Thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of Sunderland’s team and the close work between that team and their Customer Success Manager Georgina, it took just 10 working days to get their TAP Page live.



See Sunderland's TAP Page






Within 24 hours of the University of Sunderland deciding to partnering with TAP, we had completed their set up meeting. This covers working through a set up plan with Sunderland’s admin staff, setting goals for getting the most out of The Access Platform, agreeing tasks and responsibilities to enable the TAP Page to go live and giving Sunderland’s staff training on the platform.



Within four working days, Sunderland’s team of more than 20 Student Ambassadors had also created their TAP profiles and been trained on the platform - our immersive Ambassador Simulation session offers a chance to practice using the platform and gain experience creating content, answering FAQs, and having mock conversations in real time, with zero pressure. It also covers best practice for being an Ambassador and offers both Ambassadors and Admins ideas for content campaigns to get the most out of the platform.



Continuing to work closely with their Customer Success Manager at TAP, the University of Sunderland’s TAP Page went live just over a week later - a total of 10 working days after they made the decision to partner with us.



Not only did Sunderland’s TAP Page go live, thanks to the enthusiasm and work of their Student Ambassadors, it went live with a fantastic selection of Ambassador-created content, an excellent range of FAQs, and vibrant and engaging profiles for their entire Ambassador team.



Since going live, Sunderland’s Ambassadors have continued to create fantastic content, write powerful answers to FAQs and have great conversations. Not only that, a few days after their page went live, Sunderland ran a highly successful virtual open day. The event saw 1723 messages exchanged across 135 conversations, with 91 prospective students signing up via TAP.



They’ve quickly become one of the leading examples of how to do peer recruitment online - and do it brilliantly - and it’s been a pleasure to work with them.


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