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Case study: turning conversations into applications, with Cambridge Judge Business School

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For Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) - the University of Cambridge’s business school - peer recommendations are important. Students are investing in their own futures, so the ability to find out first-hand what the programmes are like and the difference studying there can make to your career is a powerful part of the decision-making process.

CJBS has used The Access Platform to help with recruitment for its Executive MBA (EMBA) since 2019 and has seen meaningful results.


In 2020, 14% of those that applied to the Executive MBA programme spoke to a TAP Ambassador.

The challenge


CJBS wants to ensure the best-fit participants for their programmes. TAP provided an opportunity for prospective applicants to identify and speak to alumni and current participants who had similar backgrounds, areas of expertise and positions within their companies to gain an authentic insight into whether or not the CJBS EMBA programme was right for them.


This opportunity complements the research journey by giving prospective applicants first-hand accounts of how alumni and current participants had specifically benefited from the programmes.


Why TAP?


Direct conversations: Our chat feature allowed for authentic, peer-to-peer conversations between prospects and CJBS’s Ambassadors. These conversations helped answer burning questions, and give prospects an insight into life at a world-leading business school.


Excellent ambassadors: CJBS have a committed community of alumni and current participants who generously share their time to support and inform prospective applicants in their research journeys. TAP enables them to do this with flexibility and ease.


Ambassadors first: TAP enables CJBS ambassadors to engage with prospective applicants around their busy schedules and gives them the flexibility for their profiles to be switched off at particularly busy times. The ability for ambassadors to use email notifications and reply to prospective applicants on a desktop as well as via the mobile app means that they can have conversations with ease around their day to day activities.



In 2020, 14% of those that applied to the Executive MBA programme spoke to a TAP Ambassador.


The programme recruited its second-largest cohort to date.

“Our alumni ambassadors have played a crucial role in helping prospective applicants from all over the world understand the Executive MBA programme and participant experience better, helping them make the choice that’s right for them.

“In a year when meaningful digital connections and communications have been more important than ever, TAP has been a helpful part of our recruitment and conversion toolbox.”


Jack Cooper, Executive MBA Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Cambridge Judge Business School

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We’re also currently offering a period of three months’ free usage of all our features to give you time to get to know us and our platform better, and see what difference it can make to your recruitment efforts.


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