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Case study: NCUK's use of Content

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Right from when they first started working with us, NCUK has consistently repurposed the excellent content created by their Ambassadors to use on their social media channels and their website. Not only has this given their channels vibrancy and engaging content, it’s also ensured the faces of their Ambassadors are across their digital touchpoints, with links back to their TAP profiles, so prospects can start talking to them.

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, they increased the amount of content their Ambassadors created and the number of FAQs they answered, allowing NCUK to continue with their important recruitment work digitally.


At-a-glance results

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121% increase in the amount of content posts published from March - May 2020, compared to the three months previous.

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460% increase in FAQ views by prospects during the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic, compared to before it.

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Ambassador-generated content frequently syndicated across NCUK’s Twitter and Instagram channels, as well a video using content created in TAP used on the home page of their website.

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The challenge


Peer recruitment is about so much more than just peer-to-peer conversations. It’s about embedding content and information about student life - created by your students - across your channels and offering plenty of touchpoints that will allow a prospective student to imagine themselves studying with you.


That’s why we’re so passionate about encouraging your student ambassadors to create content for you - and that’s before you take into account that social campaigns that incorporate UGC see a 50% lift in engagement (Salesforce), 75% of people think UGC makes content more authentic (TintUp), and 35% of Gen-Z think that, by 2023, UGC will have more credibility than traditional content created by a company or independent source (Cognizant).


In fact, as long ago as 2014, there was data to show UGC was 35% more memorable and 50% more trusted than other media (Ipsos Millennial Social Influence Study). In short; it’s powerful and important.


With our content feature, it’s really easy to commission, collect and publish student-generated content across your TAP Page. But, why limit that terrific content to just one space? Why not maximise it across your digital spaces?


NCUK wanted to get more of student faces and student-generated content across their digital channels, and, as soon as their account was set up, they quickly set about making sure the content they gathered through our platform didn’t just live on their TAP Page.


Fast forward a few months, and NCUK are experts at re-purposing content created by their ambassadors across their social media and digital channels to give those spaces an authentic, student-focused, feel. They are also adept at using their student ambassador-generated content to drive traffic back to their TAP Page and start more of those valuable peer-to-peer conversations. 


This proved particularly valuable during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, as it meant NCUK could continue to harness the power of peer recruitment in their online activities.

Why TAP?

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Really easy to commission content from your student ambassadors, collect it in the dashboard and pick out the best pieces for use elsewhere. And, by keeping each stage separate you reduce risk - no need to hand over social media passwords to students.

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As well as publishing to your TAP Page, admins can also download content with one click.

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It’s then simple to re-purpose and re-use this content elsewhere - for example, use a single piece of content on a tweet, upload multiple videos as an Instagram story, or stitch them into a more substantial video for YouTube or your website.

Check out NCUK's TAP Page



121% increase in the amount of content posts published from March - May 2020, compared to the three months previous.


429% increase in the amount of FAQs answered during March - May 2020, compared to the three months previous.

460% increase in FAQ views by prospects during the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic, compared to before it.

TAP enables us to seamlessly harness the power of our ambassadors to inspire and inform our next generation of students. It also provided our students a great source of peer to peer advice at this current time of uncertainty.


Dawn Hayes, NCUK’s Head of Marketing



You can find fantastic examples of student ambassador-generated content - created on TAP and then re-used elsewhere - across NCUK’s channels. 


They turned their ambassadors’ introduction videos into an excellent Instagram Story (click the image to watch it).

NCUK Insta


They also shared uplifting video messages from their Ambassadors across social media during the coronavirus pandemic - notably on Twitter and Instagram.


In response to a content request sent using our content schedule feature, NCUK Ambassadors quickly created and submitted videos of themselves talking about their favourite aspect of University life.


ncuk eg




NCUK’s admins also stitched together videos created on TAP by their Ambassadors into a longer film that not only sits on their YouTube channel but also features on the home page of their website.





As well as using content groups to commission and collect their Ambassador-generated content, NCUK also uses the feature as an effective communications channel to stay in touch with their Ambassadors. The NCUK content groups are proving a great space for admins to clarify requests, give feedback, and, crucially, thank Ambassadors for their hard work - which in turn helps keep the NCUK Ambassadors motivated and feeling valued.


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