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The experience we have had has been great. We find all of our feedback is evaluated and it is nice to see our changes being rolled out on the application. If we have a question, the response is almost immediate with a follow-up to confirm if we need any further support.

Jyotveer Gill

Jyotveer GillHead of Digital, Bucks New University

Our Partner

I've loved being able to connect with students on a personal level and wish that I had had this opportunity when I joined my university.

EmilyStudent ambassador

The Access Platform has allowed the young people that we work with to continue positive relationships with our team following face to face interactions. The platform is secure, contemporary and user-friendly.

Ant Sutcliffe

Ant SutcliffeHead of Higher Horizons+, NCOP

The Access Platform is a revolutionary platform for student ambassadors. I'm always notified promptly when a prospective student messages me or books a call. I've just got to click on a link which takes me straight to the message! Super straightforward to use!

AshStudent Ambassador

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