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Our product:
A complete peer recruitment solution

The Access Platform connects prospective students with your Student Ambassadors - helping you to engage, convert and recruit more students from around the world.

Transform your student recruitment strategy with us

Prospective students meet your students and browse their content

The TAP Page is the online home for your Student Ambassadors’ profiles and their content. It’s fully searchable, and prospective students can start conversations at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Users from more than 163 countries have used our platform, which supports conversations in any language.

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Prospects meet your students and browse their content
Sign up

Sign up

At sign up, we collect each prospect’s name and contact information as well as any optional information you choose. This data can be fed seamlessly into any CRM so that you can track prospects all the way through from initial contact to enrolment at your institution.

Our data shows that 24% of students who used TAP to engage with their Student Ambassadors went onto apply to study.

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Start chatting

Our Chat tool facilitates peer-to-peer conversations between prospective students and one or many student ambassadors. Our clever features help ensure the quality and safety of these conversations, whilst minimising the staff time required to manage them.

72% of prospective students say they are more likely to apply to an institution having had a conversation on TAP.

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Request, gather and publish content

Request, gather and publish content

Our Content and FAQ features allow you to collaborate at scale with your Ambassadors to create photos, videos and written content. You can then edit and publish the content you like to your website and other locations, such as social media.

Libby Tozer

“TAP Content has made the journey between capturing the content to getting it published on social platforms so much easier and enabled us to keep our social media channels up to date, current and exciting.”

Libby Tozer, Evaluation and Communications Officer, Higher Horizons+

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A robust app for your Student Ambassadors

Ambassadors receive notifications of new messages via the app and keep track of their work through the career points they earn. They can download an up-to-date career reference of their work as a Student Ambassador at any time without having to bother an admin.


“Being a Student Ambassador on TAP has allowed me to gain confidence in myself and in my ability to communicate with others.”

Jean-Charles, Student Ambassador University of East Anglia

A robust app for your Student Ambassadors

Complete control for admins from the dashboard

Admins save time and reduce institutional risk by having full control and oversight of the work your Ambassadors are doing from the Dashboard. Furthermore, our reporting and analytics give you detailed insight of what your prospective students are interested in.

Complete control for admins from the dashboard

Our mission is to enable universities to build awareness, confidence, and a sense of belonging with prospective students anywhere in the world. We’d love to do that with you.

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