Chat, UGC and FAQs - all searchable and all in one place

With a dedicated, innovative and highly-responsive in-house technical support team, you can rely on our platform and be confident that new features and iterations are always being worked on.


TAP for student-to-student chat

Chat enables prospective students to speak to Student Ambassadors, either real-time - or asynchronously if participants are in different time-zones

TAP for student-authored FAQs

FAQ enables you to request answers to common enquiry topics from your Student Ambassadors, manage and edit submissions, and publish them directly to your website.

TAP for user-generated content

Content enables you to request images and videos from your Student Ambassadors, manage posts, and publish them in real-time to your website and social channels.

Our mission is to enable universities to build awareness, confidence, and a sense of belonging with prospective students anywhere in the world. We’d love to do that with you.

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