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Case study: supercharging content for student recruitment with UCC



Being able to showcase student life and share student-generated content is a real bonus for any university that wants to give a real flavour of what their institution is actually like. The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) - our first partner in the West Indies - wanted to be able to do exactly that, which is where we came in.


At-a-glance results


85 published pieces of student-generated content in just six months


More than 500 views on their student-answered FAQs


UCC Ambassadors have engaged with 225 prospective students, from 11 different countries, exchanging more than 2,000 messages

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The challenge


Before working with TAP, UCC had nowhere on their website to showcase student life. This meant prospective students were missing out on being able to get a true sense of what studying and living at UCC might actually be like for them.

Not only that, UCC wanted to be able to showcase student and student life more frequently across their social media channels - and use those posts to get prospects interested in finding out more and starting a conversation with Ambassadors.

As well as wanting more content, and somewhere to host it, UCC wanted to use our platform to reach prospective students in key markets - particularly given the travel restrictions imposed across the world during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.


Why TAP?


Commission and collect Ambassador-generated content in a few clicks: Really easy to commission content from your student ambassadors, collect it in the dashboard and pick out the best pieces for use elsewhere. And, by keeping each stage separate you reduce risk - no need to hand over social media passwords to students.


Use that content across your channels: As well as publishing to your TAP Page, admins can also download content with one click. It’s then simple to re-purpose and re-use this content elsewhere - for example, use a single piece of content on a tweet, upload multiple videos as an Instagram story, or stitch them into a more substantial video for YouTube or your website.


Direct conversations: Once prospects had seen the UCC Ambassador content and followed it through to their TAP Page, our chat feature allowed for authentic conversations between prospective students and Ambassadors. These conversations helped ensure prospects could find answers to their questions and make confident decisions about their future.



In the six months between June and November 2020, UCC published 85 pieces of Ambassador-generated content, which have so far (December 2020) had 457 views on their TAP Page alone.

In that same time period, UCC’s Ambassador-answered FAQs have been read 503 times.

The team of 7 UCC Ambassadors has engaged with 225 prospective students from 11 different countries - including key territories for UCC’s recruitment team, such as Jamaica, Saint Vicent, Antigua and more.

These engagements saw 2,085 messages exchanged across 217 different conversations.

"We are pleased to have partnered with TAP who has provided a robust, feature-rich, easy to use platform that allows our newly-established student ambassador programme to flourish. Our ambassadors love using The Access Platform to chat with prospective students and share engaging content."


Richard Mitchell, University of the Commonwealth Caribbean



As well as sharing Ambassador content on their TAP Page, UCC has been using its social media channels to showcase student life and encourage prospects to start talking to their Ambassadors.




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