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Use cases: conversion

Convert 66% of all offer holders

The Access Platform can be deployed to help enhance your conversion rates at different stages in the recruitment process, particularly at crucial points such as the offer to acceptance stage for international students.


With many institutions competing for the same students, marginal gains and high levels of personalisation are important. Converting students through peer-led conversations offers a way to cut through the ‘noise’ of institutional communications.



Top tips


  • Use our individual ambassador profile URLs to send personalised chat invites to different segments of your list of offer holders;
  • Use our Content feature to share User Generated Content to drive leads towards making an application;
  • Use our conversation filtering tool to gain insight into the sentiment of individual prospects;
  • Use our add ambassador tool to create multi-participant conversations and expose offer holders to more of your representatives;
  • Use our open-source De-dupe tool to evaluate conversion metrics.

Partner examples


The University of Adelaide saw a dramatic increase in offer-holder conversion after implementing TAP. 66% of their 2020 Semester 1 offer holders that used The Access Platform went on to accept their offer.



Read the Adelaide case study


See their TAP Page


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