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Use cases: lead generation

Generate 6x more leads than other digital channels

The Access Platform can be deployed to help you raise your institution’s brand profile and to generate more leads from your website, microsites, and social media channels.


Data from The Times Higher Education showed that 83% of prospective students use social media to research universities. Early engagement with international students is particularly important, with 82% of them visiting an institution’s social media channels before making an enquiry.



Top tips


Use our pop card promotional feature to capture organic traffic from your website homepage
Use our Content and deep-hyperlink lead capture tool to generate conversations from your social media channels Embed our profile carousel promotional feature on your country-specific micro sites to capture organic traffic and display dynamically responsive content Use our FAQ feature to provide searchable, student generated answers to common enquiry topics Use our API or Zapier integration to send captured leads to your CRM or Marketing Automation platform in real time Use our advanced attribution tracking to analyse which campaigns and promotions most efficiently generate leads.



Partner example

Bucks New University in the UK found TAP to be 6x more effective for lead generation than their other digital channels.



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