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Use cases: outreach and Widening Participation

TAP partners with some of the leading names in Outreach and Widening Participation, including The Sutton Trust, The National Collaborative Outreach Programme, and several Russell Group institutions

Do you need to engage with more target learners from underrepresented groups?


The Access Platform can be deployed to enable target learners from underrepresented groups to speak to your Student Ambassadors, Staff, and Alumni.


Helping potential applicants to identify with your institution is a crucial part of showcasing it as open and diverse.


Peer-led conversations offer an effective way to do this, one which allows target learners to learn about your institution without needing to have the confidence or resources to visit it in person.



Top tips


  • Use our Chat profile cards to showcase the diversity of your institution, and make your Student Ambassadors available for online conversations;
  • Use our Content feature to provide a real-time insight into student life, and to allow prospects to see it for themselves;
  • Use our customiseable lead capture form to collect relevant geo-demographic data;
  • Use our individual profile URLs to send personalised chat invites to students from different regions and ethnic and socio-economic groups;
  • Use our Keyword Detection and Safeguarding features to automatically monitor conversations and ensure that participants are safe.

Partner examples



Queen’s College, one of the constituent colleges of The University of Oxford, implemented our platform to provide a way for Widening Participation learners to find out more about the university. A prospective student who used the platform said that ‘speaking to current students really put me at ease and made me feel more confident about applying.’ 



Read the Queen’s case study

See their TAP Page




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