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Use cases: recruitment staff

Generate thousands of conversations between staff and prospects

The Access Platform can be deployed to enable your recruitment staff to communicate with prospective students online, wherever they are in the world.


Conversations with university staff form a key part of the decision making process of prospective students, providing them with access to expert guidance on course choice, visa applications, and accommodation.


Online chats are a great way to supplement, and follow-on, from in-person engagements at recruitment events, and offer a digital surrogate for these conversations when staff are unable to travel.



Top tips


  • Use our custom Staff profiles to showcase the expertise of your team;
  • Use our individual profile URLs to send personalised chat invites to students from different countries and markets, and turn these into QR codes to add to printed collateral;
  • Use our customizable drop-down filters to make it easy for prospects to find the relevant staff member;
  • Use our multi-language feature to enable staff to chat in different languages;
  • Use our prospect feedback feature to do at-a-glance quality assurance on staff conversations.

Partner examples


RMIT used The Access Platform to implement a solution to enable their regional recruitment staff to communicate with prospective international students. So far they have seen prospective students exchange several thousands of messages with their staff.



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