Supercharge your recruitment and marketing campaigns at every point of the cycle

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The Access Platform can be embedded throughout the entire student recruitment cycle, taking your Student Ambassadors online, and giving prospects an authentic insight into your institution nurturing them at each step on their journey to enrolling at your university.

More collaboration, less wasted time

Multiple admin log-ins, flexible content groups, and the ability to toggle student ambassador functions means marketing, student recruitment, and international colleagues can work together more effectively to drive prospects through the recruitment funnel.

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Why TAP?

  1. We offer a single platform that allows you to harness the power of user-generated content, peer-to-peer conversations, and student-authored FAQs to supercharge your student recruitment and marketing campaigns.

  2. Request UGC directly from student ambassadors and publish in real-time to social media. Separate the creation and publishing process with our content feature and remove the headache of giving out social media passwords.

  3. Capture leads on social media using our ‘deep-hyperlink’ tool, and turn great content into great conversations.

  4. Bespoke CRM integrations for every university partner, allowing you to seemlessly transfer prospect data directly into your own system.

  5. Safeguarding by design - rest assured that every interaction on our platform is made safe by our automatic keyword detection technology.

Something for everyone


University staff get an easy-to-use admin dashboard, full access to chat transcripts and prospect data, simple website and CRM integration, comprehensive help centre resources and tutorials, and dedicated account management and customer success support.

Student ambassadors can create content via our intuitive app, as well as gamification in the form of career points and the ability to download a career reference for their work in a matter of seconds.

Prospective students can browse a searchable feed of student ambassador profiles, FAQs and user-generated content, and easily instigate peer-to-peer chats with student ambassadors in a few clicks.

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