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Why TAP?

Nowadays we are all sceptical about corporate marketing, turning to Facebook or TripAdvisor to hear the testimony of actual users. And Gen Z, especially, can tell a mile away when they are being sold to. All research shows that prospective students want authentic advice from current students to guide their education choices.

  • 89% of applicants want to see content created by current students

  • User generated content is four times more likely to be viewed than corporate collateral

  • 80% of applicants choose their university based on word-of-mouth recommendation

  • 74% of students want to interact with current students

  • 64% of international students say that ‘the ability to connect with existing international students to ask questions’ is the most influential communication in helping to choose a university 

  • 90% of prospects consult university and college review sites when researching where to study

Supercharge your recruitment and marketing campaigns at
every point of the cycle

The Access Platform is the most complete and powerful peer recruitment platform because
it can be deployed to engage prospects throughout their journeys,
nurturing them at every step to enrolling at your university.

  • Increase lead generation and SEO through user generated content posted to your website and social media

  • Increase prospect to applicant conversion

  • Increase applicant to enrolment conversion

  • Gain insights into what prospects really care about to hone future campaigns

More collaboration, higher conversion, less wasted time

With multiple admin log-ins, seamless CRM integration and flexibility of Student Ambassador and content groups, The Access Platform helps marketing and recruitment teams to work together more effectively throughout the recruitment cycle

8. App Content Group


Share approved authentic UGC to your website and social channels to create leads and boost SEO

5. FAQ - To approve mockup


Give prospects the information they need with student authored answers

7. Analytics mockup


Learn what students really care about at different times in the cycle and in different countries, to inform future messaging and campaigns

9. App Chat


Drive conversion with peer-to-peer chat conversations between prospects and Student Ambassadors

Our tools work!

  • 24% of university website visitors using the platform go on to apply

  • 100% increase in prospect to applicant to conversion (20% ⟶ 40%)

  • 200% increase in applicant to enrolment conversion (20% ⟶ 60%)

  • 72% of students say 'they are more likely to apply' after using TAP

  • 163+ Engagements from over 163 different countries

  • 2000% increase in User Generated Content

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